Can't-Miss Chilaquiles in San Francisco

Cala Chilaquiles

If you know me (or even my author bios) remotely, then you probably know that I’m completely, utterly besotted by one dish: chilaquiles. After all, what’s not to like about a dish that’s essential breakfast nachos? 


From the moment I learned of their existence, chilaquiles have been my go-to order on any menu. In fact, I’m not sure it’s possible for me to spot one at a restaurant and not make that my order. I don’t discriminate between chilaquiles verdes made with tomatillos and spicier renditions made with chiles de arbol; versions made with scrambled eggs and others topped with over-easy eggs; minimalist plates and over-the-top platters that arrive with every kind of garnish.


If you’re curious to know my absolute favorites, check out this story I recent wrote for Eater SF.